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3 Reasons why you should consider a physiotherapy or exercise physiology program if you’re over 65.⠀

#1 - you`ll stay in your own home for longer. Regular physio and exercise significantly reduces the risk of falling and improves your mobility, allowing you to maintain your independence for as long as possible.⠀

#2 - you`ll be able to continue doing the things you want to do in retirement, whether that`s walking, golf, bowls, or staying active with your grandkids and your family. You need to maintain your mobility and your muscle mass and your strength to do that.⠀

#3 - it lessens the burden and worry on your family members if you are physically fit and active. You`re better able to look after yourself and enjoy your life.⠀

Ready to book an appointment? Call @optimum.physio.ot on 1300 871 249 or visit their website: www.opthealth.com.au

Is it time you had a Cervical Screen Test?⠀
@firstlighthealthcare`s women’s health specialists are here to help you make sure all your check-ups are up to date.⠀

They offer a range of qualified, female general practitioners who are experienced across the full range of women’s health issues.⠀

Please speak to your Doctor to see if you are eligible to have a self-collected Cervical Screening Test.⠀

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Experience a taste of Aussie perfection at Martin`s Bakery Ballina! 🇦🇺 Their classic Aussie Lamingtons are a true delight – soft, spongey cake coated in a generous layer of chocolate and coconut. 😋 ...

Would you like more help organising your medication?
Ask the friendly team at Tamar Village Pharmacy how they could help with their FREE medication packing and delivery services!

Visit at Tamar Village or call or email today!
📞 (02) 6686 7489
✉️ info@tamarpharmacy.com.au

Want to work with Optimum?
Here’s 3 things we expect from their team;

They love people who are flexible, responsive to feed back and looking to grow their career. Most of their managers today started out in entry level roles and worked their way up.

They love proactive problem solvers. Don’t wait for permission to act, make the best decision that support the client, the referrers and the business.

People who want a performance culture. Honest feedback and clear KPI’s are a feature of working at Optimum. They want people who are hungry to succeed for themselves and their family.

Next steps?
Email us at people@opthealth.com.au to see what jobs might be available that suit you!
You can also find Optimum Allied Health here at Tamar Village #Ballina

Do you have a problem with ear wax build up?⠀

@firstlighthealthcare Ballina offers Microsuction Ear Wax Removal for those who are experiencing ear wax build up, hearing loss or a feeling of fullness in the ear. Other symptoms can also include tinnitus, itching, pain, discharge, odour, and vertigo.⠀

The ear microsuction device operates as a ‘vacuum’ machine to gently remove wax. Ear microsuctioning is different from ear syringing (no water is involved) and the whole process is efficient, hygienic and pain-free.⠀

If you experiencing any of these symptoms, please speak with your GP to see if you are eligible for a Microsuction Ear Wax appointment.⠀

Book via our website www.flhealthcare.com.au/ or call First Light Active Ballina on (02) 6685 6326.

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Right at Home Northern Rivers #Ballina have the resources and expertise to accommodate more individuals who may require nursing services, whether it be for short term care, ongoing treatment, or specialised medical attention.⠀

The team of skilled and compassionate nurses are ready to provide personalised care and support to every individual they serve. Whether its in-home care, rehabilitation, chronic disease management, or any other nursing service, Right at Home are committed to delivering the highest standard of care possible.⠀

If you or someone you know is in need of nursing services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Right at Home are here to assist and ensure that everyone receives the care they deserve.⠀
📞 02 5622 6015⠀

Coast Financial Planning can help you achieve the financial and lifestyle goals you deserve.⠀
Their financial planners and advisors specialise in retirement planning and protecting your future. Speak to the team here at Tamar Village today!⠀


Happy Mother`s Day from everyone at Tamar Village 🌷

Here`s to all the Mother figures in our lives and everything they do 💗

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