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Coast Financial Planning can help you achieve the financial and lifestyle goals you deserve.⠀

Their Gold Coast financial planners and advisors specialise in retirement planning and protecting your future. Speak to the team here at Tamar Village today!⠀


Heart disease is still Australia’s leading cause of death and affects families and communities around the country. REDFEB is dedicated to raising awareness for heart health and much-needed funds for research. Read more about it here and find Right at Home here at Tamar Village: https://ow.ly/ZT9X50QyNoE

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💪 Ready to kickstart your fitness journey? Join @anytimefitnessballina on February 21st for their One Day Sale with $0 Joining Fee! Plus, refer a friend and you both get 4 weeks free! Don`t miss out, enquire now!⠀
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Looking for the perfect comfort food? Martin`s Bakery Ballina serves up warm, delectable pies that are simply irresistible. Take a bite and let the flavour take you on a journey! 🌈🥧 ...

Happy National Croissant Day! 🥐✨Be sure to grab one from @martins_bakery today! ⠀ ...

🏃‍♂️ INCLINE WALK 🥵 @anytimefitnessballina⠀

A few tweaks here and there to get the most out of it! 👇⠀

✅ Try not to hold on, unless you’re checking your heart rate. This means your body will get the most out of the walk!⠀

✅ Choosing a comfortable pace. You can still make it challenging, without having to grab the handles.⠀

✅ An incline walk will burn more calories than a traditional walk⠀

✅ Low impact - suitable for all fitness levels!⠀

✅ Implement intervals! Change the point of incline and pace to make it even harder!⠀

❌ Pulling back on these handles can actually damage the handles.⠀
❌ jolting back like in the video can add more impact than necessary.⠀

Happy incline walking! 💪 Find Anytime Fitness here at Tamar Village #Ballina⠀

Satisfy your cravings at Martin`s Bakery! 🍰🍭 Their display is like a treasure trove of sweets and treats waiting to be discovered. What`s your go-to indulgence from their delightful selection? Share your favourites and let`s spread the sweetness! 🍩🎉 ...

Join @anytimefitnessballina in January and get a NEW YEAR NEW YOU coaching pack, valued at $300 🤟⠀

- Customised workout plan to help you reach your goals sooner!⠀
- 2x body scans. One when you start and one 12 weeks later so you can track your progress.⠀
- Nutrition Guide with meal plans⠀
- Nutrition and Recovery Support⠀
- Fortnightly check-ins during your first 8 weeks to help you stay motivated & on track.⠀
- Personal training Consultation for one-on-one guidance⠀
- $50 club credit⠀
- Your own AF workout towel⠀


@firstlighthealthcare is delighted to welcome Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Carly Fraser.⠀
Carly joins their First Light Healthcare team with her expertise in Physiotherapy and Sport & Exercise Science background.⠀

Since graduating from Macquarie University with a Doctor of Physiotherapy Carly has worked within major hospital & leading sporting physiotherapy clinics in Sydney; before returning back home to the Northern Rivers. ⠀

While working as musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Carly begun expanding her knowledge within pelvic health. ⠀

Carly now focuses on Women’s and Men’s health while continuing to have a holistic treatment approach. Carly focuses on manual therapy, evidence based exercises and education to assist her patient recover for sporting/working related injuries, pelvic pain, incontinence, pre and post-natal injuries, pelvic organ prolapse and postnatal return to sport/exercise safely. ⠀

To book an appointment please call First Light Healthcare Ballina on (02) 6685 6326 or book online https://www.hotdoc.com.au/.../first.../doctors/carly-fraser